Riverside Art Gallery was set up by myself and my husband with the sole idea of selling my original works. Living in Devon provides me with an endless potential for inspiration with it’s beautiful landscapes and abundant seascapes.

Whilst out and about I sometimes try to catch  the wonderful natural light synonymous to this picturesque part of the country. However the majority of my paintings are done in oils from snapshots taken with my trusty camera and then painted in my home studio.

I prefer to paint in oils as they can be manipulated on the canvas while they are still wet. I get so much pleasure in creating a painting in its different layers.

Each painting is started with a rough sketch, and then each section or block e.g. sky, trees, river is covered in an obscure colour so no white remains (sky usually starts purple). I can then build up the true colours on top of this base. I have no idea where this technique originated from, but it works for me.

Susan Rex